Encostas Vistas

- Luxurious Living in Goa’s most chic locale -

The beauty of a quintessentially Indo-Portuguese home is exemplified in Encostas Vistas, three bespoke independent homes that rise in the midst of verdant greenery in the heart of Assagão. Their virginal white walls encapsulate the luxury of modern conveniences while inviting you to sink into the stress-relieving lap of nature.

Surrounding the villas are expansive, landscaped gardens, a covered deck and large pool that beckons you – sunset cocktail in hand – at the end of each day. The villas themselves have large balconies, one, in particular, overlooking the pool and its surrounding greenery, with the living and dining area downstairs opening out onto a poolside deck.

Making the most of natural light and ventilation is a classic architectural feature in traditional Goan mansions, and at Encostas Vistas, you will find this attribute perfected. Large French windows surround each home, opening out to the gardens and essentially welcoming the outdoors in. In the living and dining area in particular, it makes for a perfect setting to entertain family and friends.

CEO of real estate builders Mayaland Homes Paul Dass OBE said, “We’re very excited to launch our third project here in Assagao, north Goa, which is one of the most sought-after residential locations in the state. Our aim with this property was to include eco-friendly elements into the design and facilities while ensuring luxury amenities and the overall aesthetic and level of quality we had in mind.”

Encostas Vistas is the perfect marriage between global and local design sensibilities. The international architectural team ensured strong structures encased by an Indo-European aesthetic to bring to life a home that is long-lasting in build and classic in design.

Each individual villa houses four luxury bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and large private terraces that offer residents the option to enjoy five-star living in the comfort of their own home. The outdoors are filled with manicured gardens, tall trees and vibrantly tropical flowering plants that send their sweet fragrances wafting indoors through tall arched windows that let in natural light and ventilation.

Given its design and layout, the indoor living and dining spaces, as well as outdoor dining and large lawns, become the perfect location for social soirées with special entrances for guests during events and parties.

Encostas Vistas promises to spoil your senses with nature, inspired by modern style and luxury.


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